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NORTH ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS, USA — Step into the realm of the unknown, the unexplained, and the unbelievable at “CONTACT” — the Berkshire Paranormal Ghost Conference and Seminar at the Haunted Houghton Mansion in beautiful North Adams Massachusetts July 15th, 16th, and 17th. Hosted by the North Adams Masonic Association and Sponsored by The New England Ghost Project (NEGP) in the Berkshires “most haunted mansion.”

Speakers and Seminar’s Include:

Ghostvillage’s own Jeff Belanger – Author of “Communicating with the Dead” and The World’s Most Haunted Places”.

NEGP’s EVP Specialist, Karen Mossey – who appeared on the Maury Povich Show, taught field techniques at the AA-EVP Conference, and who’s work appeared in the movie “White Noise”.

Charles A Coulombe – A & E’s Expert of the Hope Diamond Curse and angels – author of “Haunted Places in America” and “Haunted Castles of the World”

Elizabeth Foley – America’s Angel and Fairy Expert

Psychic Maureen Wood – Fifth generation psychic and co-host of the “Ghost Chronicles” radio show will be teaching a seminar on Dowsing. 

Dr Michael Bell – Rhode Island’s Vampire and Folk Lore expert.

Events include:

Partake in a Midnight Séance with the High Witches of Salem.

Make contact with the restless spirits of the Mansion with the “spirit board” in this Cryptique sponsored event.

Dine with our speakers at “Steeples”.

Watch a screening of the movie “The Bell Witch Haunting”.

Explore and investigate the Haunted Houghton Mansion.

For more information please contact:

Ron Kolek – Executive Director
The New England Ghost Project
(978) 455-6678

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