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The Archidoxes of MagicThe Archidoxes of Magic
By Paracelsus with an introduction by Stephen Skinner
Publisher: Ibis Press (December 2004)
Pages: 164 – Price: $16.95 review

Paracelsus is no stranger to students of the supernatural and paranormal. A Swiss physician, Paracelsus (1493 – 1541) was interested in alternative healing, ceremonial magick, and alchemy. He was interested in the practical applications of magick in regard to healing.

Paracelsus outlines descriptions which are helpful. His writings on alchemy cover the planetary spirits, the conjunction of male and female principles which readers will find amazing in content, and steps to the Tincture. Paracelsus’ real name was Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim. Some writers have called him one of the major fathers of modern pharmacology. His writings influenced John Dee and Arthur Edward Waite, among many others.

Stephen Skinner shares remarkable insights through his introduction in his biography of Paracelsus, and presents the reader with information on why Paracelsus had an impact of the Western Mystery Tradition. This introduction is concise and well-written.

The illustrations in this book are complete and will attract much attention for their applications. There are complete sets of zodiacal lamen, characters, and planetary sigils.

For those interested in alchemy and magick, this book will hold keen appeal. For those interested in what Paracelsus achieved, this is the place to start reading! The archidoxes include “Of The Supreme Mysteries of Nature,” “Of The Spirits of the Planets,” “The Magical Cure of Diseases,” among other writings. The translation by Robert Turner is first rate. 

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