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Witness: Cynthia W.
Location: Uvalde, Texas
Date of Encounter: June 2000

This particular encounter happened one evening in June when my mother and I set off walking toward the back of our property to repair a section of the fence that had been damaged by one of our cows. She and I did not plan on being out there very long, but in case we were out there after dark, we brought along a couple of flashlights. As I recall, there was at least a couple of hours of daylight left and the sky was slightly overcast. As we were walking we talked about work, our upcoming vacation, and other things, and in general became lost in our conversation and paid no attention to our surroundings. About a half hour into our trek, my mom abruptly stopped walking and I almost smacked right into her (I was walking behind her). When I asked her why she had stopped, she told me to be very still and not make any sudden movements. As she said this she was staring at the pasture to my left which was enclosed by a simple barbed wire fence a couple of feet away from where we stood. Following her gaze, I received the biggest shock of my life, for not 10 feet away from us was a large pair of glowing reddish/orange eyes. I at first took it to be an animal, but on closer inspection it became apparent that what we were observing was not an animal at all. The first thing I noted was that the eyes were looking directly at us and were chest-level with me (I'm about 5 and a half feet high), and were almond-shaped, reddish in color (no whites were visible), with small, black rounded pupils and were unnaturally large (I'd say about palm-sized). The one feature that made the eyes all the more frightening was that they were not attached to anything at all, but hung suspended in mid-air — both of us could plainly see the scraggly brush behind the eyes, the ground below them (there was no body or feet), and the air around them (there was no face attached to them). There was a slight mist of dust swirling in the air around us during the encounter, which possibly came from the pasture — the cattle grazing in there had worn the ground to powder, but not one of us was moving, so how the dust was kicked up is anybody's guess. I'd say the entire duration of the encounter lasted less than three minutes, during which time my mother and I had enough sense to try to find a "rational" explanation for what we were seeing. My mother shone the flashlight directly on the eyes and they did not respond; the pupils did not contract nor did the thing's gaze shift to where my mother stood, but remained fixed on me. I recall that after this "test" was completed my mother told me to move slowly backward toward the center of the pasture and begin walking home. We did so, and after turning our backs began to walk briskly back towards the house. My curiosity was too great and I dared to look back, but the thing was gone without so much as a sound or a puff of dust. To this day — nearly five years later — we have no explanation as to what it was we saw, and we have never seen it again. I have been reluctant to talk about this to anyone, but after seeing the recent post of "The Evil Eyes" I could not help but notice a similarity. If there is anyone who has a theory as to what this thing is, I would greatly like to know. 

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