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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.The trouble with Witches is they are not organized. Unlike the Christians and Moslems, the Witch community does not have a centralized media campaign through which they can defend themselves publicly on a wide scale basis. The Witch community could unite together with a publicity campaign to right the wrongs and mistaken identity forced upon them. As a result, they would have less problems of discrimination, bias, and ongoing hatred from organized mainstream religion.

Witches have had a bad reputation forced upon them by the major religions. The Burning Times resulted in the deaths of those who embraced The Old Religion known as Witchcraft. If you torture or kill a Christian or Moslem, that person becomes a martyr. But if you torture or kill a Witch, organized religion looks the other way.

Of course, Witches do not tithe which is the backbone of modern religions. Witches instead give a moral and ethical tithe by helping to protect nature and the environment.

The list is endless. Witches fear the mainstream religious groups. It is easier to slip back inside the sacred closet of secrecy sometimes, rather than face the raging crowd outside. Yet, if enough Witches could come together and face that raging crowd outside and gentle that raging crowd with facts and truth, then the battle would almost be over. Witches cannot educate if they hide away. They must speak out as a group!

Witches do not believe in a Jesus Christ, Satan, or Mohammed. Their beliefs are based on positive nature worship. Nature worship may involve many gods and goddesses, or one of a particular personal choice. It is not the worship of a person, but worship of a symbol which represents a reflection of a designated aspect found in nature.

It is not that a Witch is fearful of mixing with the major religious denominations, but rather, an ongoing knowledge and remembrance of how they were mistreated by those major religious denominations. It is up to the Witch community as a whole, to unite in a publicity campaign to make things right. 

There is a very old proverb which says “Truth Will Out And Become Known.” It is time the Witch community sees that the truth does get out to the public and become known. 

"Witchcraft at Salem Village" by F. O. C. Darley, William L. Shepard, and
Granville Perkins. circa 1876

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