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Witness: Christine
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Date of Encounter: May 5, 2006

This just happened recently, and I'm still kind of freaked out. I hear spirits all the time. I sometimes see shadows, but have only once seen something more directly — my father-in-law in a mirror, but that's a different story. This one is about my aunt and the first (and hopefully last) time a spirit has physically touched me. 

A little background: my parents, brother and sister, and I lived right next to my aunt and uncle. I have since moved to Auckland, New Zealand.

Anyway, I was having a nightmare that included my aunt and some of my old neighbors. It took place in the old neighborhood, and my aunt (we called her Sissy) had started a nasty and untrue rumor about me and let the neighbor across the street tell everyone. I was awakened by a sharp pinch on my calf. It was very real. The pinch didn't stop with the physical pain; it spread an icy cold up my leg, which lingered. I sleep on my left side, and it was my right leg, so I am pretty sure I didn't pinch a nerve or anything. I looked at the clock; it was almost 4:00 AM. Much later that day, I broke down and emailed my mother, saying "I know this is strange, but…" I told her about the dream and the pinch and asked if my Aunt Sis and the neighbor across the street were okay. I kept saying I knew it sounded weird, but I was convinced something had happened.

Her response startled me. She didn't think I was crazy. My Aunt Sis had passed away the night before, around quarter to midnight their time. That would put her time of death right about the time I was pinched.

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