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Taunton, Massachusetts, October 29, 2008 — At noon Saturday, November 1st, Bay State Paranormal Center (BSPC) will open its doors to the community embracing all walks of life. BSPC will be located at 20 Broadway (route 138) in Taunton, MA. BSPC will offer classes, investigations, workshops and equipment, to support the many facets of the paranormal such as ghost investigation, cryptozoology, spirit connection, mediumship, ufology, mythology and many other areas of study. BSPC will also be forming its own paranormal investigative team, the Bay State Paranormal Society.

Paranormal is defined as something outside of the ordinary, a witnessed event not necessarily supported by scientific explanation, but that definition could be changing. With the success of Sci-Fi’s television show, “Ghost Hunters”, unknown, questionable and spooky events have started to become documented using equipment to get quantifiable data following the scientific method and determine that it is either attributed to common sense causes or something outside the expected realm of everyday life.

Elizabeth Russell, a long time paranormal enthusiast, decided to open BSPC when she found that there wasn’t a place that offered the classes and workshops that interested her. Russell then did what some people who find themselves in a similar situation do; if it doesn’t exist then make it so. Often pondering what exists after life as we know it and trying to marry that idea to Albert Einstein belief that all time coexists side by side, Russell didn’t give the ghostly domain a lot of thought until she moved into a hundred and thirty year old Victorian mansion and began having paranormal experiences. “Within six months, I noticed things getting moved that I didn’t move. And when the neighbor above me moved out, there were a lot of unexplained noises coming from above like shoes sounding on a tile floor when the floor above was completely carpeted!”

Opening day at BSPC will start with young adult author Karen Chilton reading from her book, The Haunting at Devil’s Den Road, at 2pm. Admission is free and her book is $2 off from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. That evening, Mike Markowicz, an EVP specialist will be featured during, “An Evening of Ghost Stories.” He will be playing the EVP’s, electronic voice phenomena, that he’s recorded during paranormal investigations including some obtained in Russell’s former home. Tickets for this event are $10 in advance and $25 at the door and can be purchased by calling 508-880-8696 or coming by the center prior to its grand opening.

Contact Information
Elizabeth Russell
Cell 508-904-0681
20 Broadway (route 138)
Taunton, MA 02780
Business 508-880-8696

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