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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Goldsboro, North Carolina
Date of Encounter: October 27, 2007

I've seen it, the black wolf, it's real. It was in October of 2007. I also saw two other things that day I cannot explain, but especially the wolf. This is the first time I have ever recalled this event in detail to anyone since it happened — it's much easier anonymously.

In late October '07 when I was 32 years old, or nearly exactly a year ago, I was home alone all day one day up until the evening. That afternoon, I began to hear a voice speaking to me in my mind, although it sounded audibly as if someone were speaking to me in a deep voice using a loudspeaker from outside in the yard, and speaking through a large fan, if you can imagine how that would sound. In response to this, I suddenly began to feel an overwhelming sense of fear, and that fear hit me on and off for the rest of the evening. The "sound" as I will call it, because I'm sure it had to be in my mind, was telling me it was my time to go, and that it had come for me. I was always raised up in the standard Christian belief and so on and so forth, so I reasoned that this voice was either A) the voice of God Almighty wanting to take my life, or B) the voice of the Devil or Antichrist wanting to do the same. Being the type person who definitely wanted to live, I decided on reason B to be what I would go with, and I put up a fight against what I was hearing, though I was shaking with fear.

Imagine if you've never had such an experience, and all of a sudden one day you hear an unknown entity talking to you (corny analogy but the thing I was hearing sounded kind of like Darth Vader talking through a fan). I was too terrified to leave the house, or even the den of the house which I was in, as I constantly felt like I needed to watch my back, so I decided to setup my own personal barricade to defend myself. I turned on all the lights in the den and adjacent kitchen, and in an attempt to drown at least some of the fear I was feeling, I drank two beers rather quickly that had been left over in the fridge a few days before. Hearing the entity saying it was coming for me, and assuming that meant something really bad, I was petrified but at the same time a bit pumped up with adrenaline I guess. I would look around that afternoon and get a glimpse of a shadow darting in parts of the house that the lights were not on in, but were dimly lit by adjacent rooms. I only assumed what I was seeing and hearing was the shadow of death the Bible talked about, aiming for me. Eventually, I came up with a brilliant plan to help ignore the entity's voice — I sat down in the den in my green soft-back chair, with all the lights on in the den and kitchen still, in front of the TV (TV turned off), and I picked the guitar and sang. This helped a lot! Finally some of the fear was lessening, though I was still very frightened — what had happened?!

I kept telling myself, "Ok, none of this is real, I am just hallucinating, and it will go away." I was on no drugs, only the two beers I had drank, and I smoke cigarettes. Well I sat down and played guitar for I know at least three straight hours, feeling much better that I could drown out the "voice" I had been hearing.

Side note: Once during playing I needed to use the restroom after drinking the two beers, and I probably shouldn't say this, but might as well be truthful and tell it all, I was so scared to move away from the lighted rooms to the restroom that I found a good use for the two beer bottles, (like the movie Dumb and Dumber, except this was "Scared and Scareder").

While playing I remember distinctly thinking back to all the people I had met, friends, girlfriends, and family that I loved, and calling them out by name. This was in itself unusual, as normally when I play guitar I am just thinking of doing the tune well. Anything to get my mind off what had happened earlier in the day. As the sun went down and evening began, everything seemed much better, I didn't hear the voice any more, until I noticed something wasn't right. This was something I hadn't picked up on earlier. After I stopped playing guitar, (and at this time had developed the sense I had won this battle) I looked up into the TV screen at the reflection — something was not right here, not right at all! I wasn't in the reflection!

Well, there it started again, goose bumps developed immediately and my hair stood on end. I waved my hand in front of the TV set (remember, the TV was off, and you could see the reflection of my den and kitchen in the screen as all the lights were turned on in those two rooms) and could see nothing of me, only the chair I was sitting in, and the rest of the den and kitchen. My jaw dropped, the fear was back. So I did the only thing my terrified mind could think of, I picked up the guitar, started back playing and singing, and tried to look only at the guitar. The sun had completely set by this time, I remember. I played for a few minutes, but this time could not get my mind back off of being mortified — why wasn't I in the darn TV set reflection! I dared not to look back at it, but to keep playing, but after a short time — maybe 10 minutes, I looked back into the TV screen reflection. I was still not there! And by this time I began to see the reflection changing even more, in fact each time I looked up from the guitar, the scenery in the reflection became a little different than that last time I had looked at it. Another glance up, and I saw several things in the reflection that didn't belong. In the reflection only, on one of the other chairs was a large cardboard box, which of course wasn't there when I looked around — I had no large cardboard boxes! I played guitar, sweating with fear, and then another glance into the TV screen reflection — this time, the box is still there, and I see a coffin! Not a modern day coffin of the $5,000+ variety, but an old-time coffin, made of wood and cut like they were back in the 1800s, sitting on top of the kitchen table! I cannot describe the fear I was feeling at this time.

The guitar had become useless to drown it out at that point. Another glance up from my futile attempt at playing, and I began to see what looked like two small but blurry animals sitting in the chair I was sitting in (And I'm still not in the reflection). Another look into the TV screen after that and I saw the thing that petrified me the most — the two small blurry animals in the chair I was sitting in were gone. Instead, they had become large, crisp, well-defined pitch-black wolves with bright white glowing eyes staring straight back at me from the TV reflection. I jumped up out of the chair and turned around and looked, but nothing was there, Thank God! But I look back into the TV screen reflection, and it's still there! Staring back at me the entire time. When I saw the wolf, I felt, "This is it, I'm really going to die, I guess," but thankfully nothing happened. I didn't get eaten, and I'm still here to tell the story. That thing was there in that TV screen reflection for at least 45 minutes, if not an hour. I have no idea why I heard what I heard that day, and saw what I saw that night in the TV reflection, but it was by far the most terrifying day I've ever had in my life. Even more terrifying than the day I nearly had a head-on collision on a wet highway, if you can imagine that, as this event persisted over hours.

Finally, my mother come by that evening and I left the house to go visit her and dad. I told her what I had experienced that day but I'm sure she had no idea what to make of it. I was just relieved to finally get away from the terror. I don't know what happened, or why it happened, I only know what I saw and heard that October day a year ago.

I've since wondered, why a black wolf? I could care less about wolves, really, have never thought of them, and especially black ones. I like cats and dogs, but a wolf? I have no explanation.

So, I did an Internet search on "black wolf" and spirit trying to see if anyone had ever experienced anything similar, and found this site, and decided to post my story, in full, as best as I remember it. Other than this, I've never seen or heard anything I couldn't explain. It has me perplexed, and I hope to at least find a reason or cause for it someday. By the way, the large cardboard box I saw in the reflection that night, I have come to believe that may have been a symbol for moving, as soon after that event my mother moved in with me when my dad had to go to the nursing home. But mom and dad are still doing well, and I have lost no friends or family since then, so I don't know what the coffin meant, if anything at all. And especially the wolf, no clue there, but it was terrifying.

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