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Witness: C. Gauthier
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Date of Encounter: Ongoing

What do you do when it seems that every place you move into has some degree of ghost activity in it? If it weren't for those who have witnessed the things I have seen, I would come to the conclusion that I am going mad. I often wonder if I'm a haunted person of if I'm just that sensitive to the point that now every place I live in I'm bound to experience some type of paranormal incident. At this particular moment in time I am living in an old would-be motel converted into appartments. I have lived in the building for just over four years and in those years lived in two different apartments. In both, I have experienced ghost activity.

In apartment 22, I would sense the presence of a man that would usually sit down in one of the living room chairs. I remember one night I woke up and saw a black silhouette of a man standing at the end of the bed smoking a cigarette. I could see the red glow of the cherry of the cigarette. First I thought it was my boyfriend, but when I rolled over, I could see that he was in the washroom. Being somewhat adjusted to strange things like this happening, I was able to pretty much fall right back to sleep.

The most disturbing incident to happen in that apartment was when I was at the stove cooking when in my right ear I heard a voice that literally sounded like it was from the grave, dead sounding, and distant for a lack of better description, say either, "Hey," or "Collette." I couldn't determine which one because it happened so fast and sudden.

Now I live in apartment 15 and have experienced things shortly after moving in. It started off as both my boyfriend and I have seeing orbs. They look like little balls of green light — sometimes they'll be blue or white, and I have seen odd shaped orbs. Recently the electronics in the entertainment center have begun turning themselves off. But now it seems to be getting stronger. Just last night and the night before something has been trying to either bug me or trying to let me know it's there. The night before (September 29, 2008) I couldn't get to sleep. I was laying down trying to doze off when suddenly I could here what sounded like a mixture of static in the air and someone walking into the bedroom. Then I could hear something touching the blinds then proceeded to touch the VHS tapes on top of the TV. There is no mistaking the sound of the tapes being rubbed together, and I actually for once felt the fear. The next morning my boyfriend confided in me that he had heard scratching early that night and saw out of the corner of his eye what he described as a black thing jumping across the living room. About a half hour after talking to him, I heard the sound of something rustling through my art paper and I could not find a reason for why I heard that, we have no mice.

Last night I was awakened out of a dead sleep by the sound of something hitting the bedroom door. I shot up thinking it was my boyfriend throwing something at the door, but then I realized that I was the only one home. It was really weird because it almost seemed like I was ripped out of my sleep just right before the bang happened. And the very latest was just about an hour ago when something large and black streaked past my face. So, haunted person or haunted place? Either way it is not coincidence and I defiantly have more to tell.

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