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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania — Exspiro Productions announces the premiere of their film, American Ghost Watchers, a mockumentary about ghost researchers. The film will be screened at the upcoming Mid-South Paranormal Convention, scheduled for September 21-23, 2007, in Louisville, KY. American Ghost Watchers will be shown exclusively to attendees of the V.I.P. party on September 21.

American Ghost Watchers is the hilarious and compelling tale of a group of ghost-hunters attending the third annual American Spirit Summit in Gettysburg, PA. The conference was organized by Dr. Dawn, the nation’s leading hauntrepreneur. Kenny, a technology guru who has made it his mission to expose fraud, encounters a host of characters during the conference, including Jerry, a less than honest photographer, and Mystee, a self-proclaimed psychic. Doug and Scott L. of Ghostly Talk Radio obtain revealing interviews from conference attendees and are charged with the weighty responsibility of announcing the recipients of the Orbies, the paranormal community’s highest honor. Watch the sparks fly as attendees vie for a trophy, the opportunity to be in the spotlight, and the almighty dollar.

Andy and Tonya Keyser, founders of Exspiro Productions, produced a documentary about the culture of paranormal investigation, The Other Side: Giving up the Ghost, in 2006, and began producing a series of programs on DVD entitled Historic Haunts in 2007. Both titles are currently available on their website at and at American Ghost Watchers is available on a limited edition DVD through their Web site beginning September 24, 2007.

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