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The Mysteries of Druidry: Celtic Mysticism, Theory, & Practice by Brendan Cathbad MyersThe Mysteries of Druidry: Celtic Mysticism, Theory, & Practice
By Brendan Cathbad Myers
Publisher: New Page Books (May 2006)
Pages: 237 – Price: $15.99 review

The Mysteries of Druidry by Brendan Cathbad Myers is an innovative, well-researched look at the Druid’s spiritual relationship with Earth. This is a fine re-construction of Druid history, tradition, and customs.

The author has practiced Druidry for many years and shares his perspectives on Celtic spirituality. His discussion of the myths found in the Druid approach to life is clearly explained, concise, and educational.

As a book about Celtic mysticism, theory, and practice, it ranks among the best published in recent years. There are seven chapters in the book, and an interesting, thoughtful introduction titled “The Call of the Morrigan.” Questions and answers are covered. Chapter material covers indepth the nine Druidic mysteries, peaceful abiding, the intriguing approach to space, time, and magick, “The Fire in the Head and The Sea Journey,” gathering the clanns, the renewal of the world, and the turning of the wheel. Notes and index conclude the book.

This is an entertaining book. It is one you will enjoy for its direct approach and clarity. Those who find this material on Druids enjoyable reading should also find of interest the information on Druids and the Druidic way of life found at

Congratulations to Myers on a fine book, a book that opens the Druidic past and gives keen insights into the Druids, past and present. If you are interested in Druids and myths and related folklore, this is a book you will enjoyable reading, and having for reference. The discussion about the Celtic Creation story is excellent, as are other topics. Myers’ The Mysteries of Druidry is among the better reading for summer of 2006!

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