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CRYSTAL RIVER, FLORIDA — R.I.P., also known as Research Investigators of the Paranormal is putting on its 2nd Annual Paranormal Conference in the lovely city of Crystal River, Florida. The conference will take place Saturday, August 19th, 2006. There will be contests, such as “Best Photo” and others. The entry fee for each of the contests is $5.00 per person (you will receive a ticket). One lucky ticket will be drawn to win a gift card from Wal-mart (amount TBD). 20% of the proceeds raised from the contests will go to RIP to assist them with purchasing equipment for their team.

Research Investigators of the Paranormal choose to put on this conference so that paranormal researchers from all over the state of Florida and U.S. can get together and share knowledge, techniques, and equipment with one another. You can get more information about the organization by visiting An excellent weekend is planned with lots of great things going on!

For more information about the conference, please visit, then click on the “Events” link on the left or call RIP toll-free at 1-888-795-7738.

Larry Braziel Jr.
Founder, R.I.P
(888) 795-7738

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