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Witness: Tim Heckman
Location: Bethany, New York
Date of Encounter: March 15, 2006

We where at the top two floors of the Rolling Hills Insane Asylum in Bethany, New York. We set up our command center at the bottom of the second floor stairwell. My nephew, who is in charge of the tech crew, was sitting watching the monitors. His mom was sitting with him at the time when I was told that something was attacking him from behind. He could not see anything himself but felt he was getting attacked by an unseen force.. At the same time his mom sitting right next to him saw a white shadowy figure. She is not sure what it was, but she knows that something or things were there with them that night. At that point they needed to get out of that area, thinking this would stop the attack. So they went down to the little restaurant they have at the asylum and sat at one of the tables there. When I got there at the little restaurant, my sister told me that something was at this spot with them. She could see more shadowy figures around them and my nephew confirms this as well. My nephew was scared to death. He was really freaking out. I told his mom they needed to get out of the building, that I would walk them out to their car and they needed to go back to the hotel. This is really scary because my nephew never was scared anywhere else or felt something to the point as he did that night at Rolling Hills. Neither had his mom. He's been on 30 other investigation before this and never felt anything like that before, anywhere else. He hopes he never does either. 

His mom really did not believe any of this paranormal stuff before that night. 

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