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Tiffany Johnson - Your Psychic Life is Tiffany's monthly column on being psychic.
This may be an undue title for this article, but I wanted to talk about and publicly appreciate those that come and see me. In addition to those that are staring their journey, I want you to understand who and what walks of life come to see me.

First – those that come to see me are from absolutely every walk of life. No “type” is excluded and no one is ever the same. I see politicians. I speak with housewives. I am a personal consultant to doctors of every modality. Those that are unemployed as well as gainfully so, find their way to me. And for all, I am thankful. It is these folks that open my eyes and my heart to what is possible not only psychically, but in faith as well.

Now, some come seeking comfort, others – clarity. Most often it’s someone wanting validation of his or her own intuition or psychic experience. Others come seeking insight on dreams, personal karma, past lives, etc. I am blessed to have the opportunity to provide these answers to those that are seeking.

Furthermore, I have the great pleasure of connecting with those working through the mourning process. Within my practice, I am able to assist not only the family, but also friends and peers of those that have recently had someone pass over. It is my greatest honor that I am able to show those left on this side that death is not the end — merely a transcendence. Those on the other side typically come through with such amazing, subtle detail that only those that are hoping and wishing to connect would understand. Again, I give thanks.

Then there are my students who are so hungry and willing to learn what our souls can achieve. There has never, ever been a class where I haven’t learned something myself — not only about the topic at hand, but also of the human condition. It continues to fill my faith and spirit.

And finally, there are the groups that I entertain/educate/enlighten, etc. The joy that often surrounds me within the “party” atmosphere is amazing. And my soul rejoices to all that have not only opened themselves to the experience of having me there, but is vulnerable enough to do it in a group setting — I applaud you!

I could go on and on, but hopefully you are getting the gist! Thank you to all that have come across my path and those that soon will! I love each and every one of you sincerely and honestly. Know that you are my companion on this journey and never feel alone.

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