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Witness: Rachael
Location: Anaheim, California and Pleasant Grove, Utah
Date of Encounter: April 2004

I was visiting California on a school trip. My friends and I were hanging out in the hotel's hot tub. We were playing truth or dare. I was dared to leave the hot tub and dive into the cold pool, then run back to the hot tub. I got out and went to the edge of the pool. Looking at the clear water, I dove in. Next thing I knew I was face-to-face with a dead body, he was face down at the bottom of the pool. It was like it was slow motion, he turned to me with his eyes closed. He slowly opened his eyes and stared into my eyes. He was missing his left eye. I was scared. I breathed in to scream, and breathed in water. I pushed through the dead man on accident in my struggle to get to the top. I was thrashing around quite a bit. A friend came and helped me out. Panting, I said I didn't feel like playing anymore. Me and my two friends went back to our hotel room. One friend was taking a shower, and my other friend was watching TV. We noticed our phone blinking. We checked the messages. We had 362 messages. We were only out for an hour. We had no way to trace the calls. No one even knew our hotel phone number. We listened to the first few messages. They seemed like they were all blank. Finally we heard something. One word: "HELL!" This freaked me out. I hadn't told them about the man at the bottom of the pool. I tried to downplay the message.

Later that night we went to sleep. I don't recall any of this next part, but my friend said that at 3:00 AM I got up, turned on the curling iron, and turned on the faucet. I then hit my head really hard on the head board of the bed and went back to sleep. I woke up that morning with nothing but an eerie feeling, which was soon forgotten since the next day we went to Disney Land.

A week later we drove home. Thought of this man still scared me. I just pushed it to the back of my mind. I did not believe he wanted to harm or scare me. Weeks went by. I remember doing chores around the house. I was putting laundry away in my mother's room. Her dresser has a huge mirror. After placing the clothes in the drawer, I looked up into the mirror. Standing behind me in the back of the room was this man. I could see him very clearly. He was young, long blondish hair, his skin was grayed and almost green, water logged, and a little wet looking. His good eye was brown, and where his other eye should have been was just a hole, it seemed to go on forever… it was almost captivating. I noticed this all in an instant, because when I turned around this young man turned and walked away. I sensed that his name was William. I didn't see William for a very long time, although I felt him following me. Our house began to change. Radios would turn on when they weren't even plugged in. A music box would start to play randomly. Shelves would fall of the wall. Everyone noticed it. Everyone was afraid. I wasn't. Years went by. I started to feel a difference over me. At night I would wake up to voices in my room. Like a crowded room where you could hear only a few words that made sense. I tried to ignore the voices. Sometimes I would wake up with a single voice in my ear, talking to me. They seemed to never make sense. It was like the end of a sentence or the beginning. I remember waking up one night, I felt scared for the first time. It was very late at night. I knew no one was awake. A blue light was outside my closed door. My door began to shake, very violently. But the beads on my door didn't even sway. I kept all of this to myself. Who wanted to tell their friends and family they heard voices in their head, and sees people in swimming pools?

Later that year I moved out and started going to college. My family said that since I left the strange happenings seemed to have moved out when I did. Strangely, my roommates said that since I moved in strange things started happening: pictures falling off the walls, TVs turning on, shadows, and the feeling of being watched. I still heard voices at night, but never anything scary. I learned to live with it all.

Now, in 2009 I am married. I still hear voices at night, but they are making more sense now. Sometime the voices say things to me like, "GET OUT!" "I'm not kidding, get out!" And laughing followed. Evil Laughing. I tried to go back to sleep. One night, a few weeks ago, I woke up feeling someone was in the room with me — a different energy then my husband's. I looked up and saw a dark figure standing over me. My dog started barking and growling like crazy. The dark figure turned his head and walked out the closed door. I went back to sleep, and woke up to a voice, telling me, "Your destiny will be at the Valley of Thunder, then all the voices shall be heard…" I haven't ignored that one. Sometime I will go to Yosemite National Park (Valley of Thunder) and see what my destiny is. It just doesn't seem right yet.

Two nights ago, I had a dream. William came to me he didn't say anything, but I sensed he was telling me it was okay, not to be afraid of him. I feel as if since I have met William I have become sensitive to spirits and energies. I've met other spirits besides William. I feel as if now I have the ability to read energies and sense thoughts. I almost regard William as a friend.

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