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Witness: Catherine
Location: Temple, Texas
Date of Encounter: December 1989

Before this happened I had no reason to believe in the afterlife, ghosts, or anything of this nature. This incident put me on the map to believing. My mother was pregnant with my baby sister so we were all there in Temple, Texas, in my daddy-pa's old house. I remember playing in the fields all around this house back when I was a little girl. At this time it had become overpopulated with houses as the land was sold of. My older sister, baby sister at the time, and myself were there for the time it took my mother to finally have my new baby sister. We were bored stiff just hanging out, so my dad, who was living there at the time (my parents were divorced), told me he had some National Geographic magazines that were back from when the magazine first came out upstairs in the attic. I love that magazine so I went up to check them out. Now that attic was bright as the outside because of the windows at either end, and it was the middle of the day. There was really not a dark area in the room during the day, so I had plenty of light to view the magazines. I was well into one of the magazines when I heard someone coming up the stairs (which was the only way up or down), so I glanced in that direction. No one was there. I figured they hadn't made it all the way up yet so I went back to my magazine. Next I felt someone firmly grasp my right shoulder, the one nearest the stairs, which was over 10 feet away. I looked to see no one there. I said, "Okay, who's the prankster?" As I turned to look to my left side, there was no one there either, so I stood up and turned, and as I did I saw no one anywhere in the attic! Needless to say every hair on my body stood on end and I couldn't get to the stairs fast enough!

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