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Tiffany Johnson - Your Psychic Life is Tiffany's monthly column on being psychic.
The question I probably get asked more than most is: “How did you know you were psychic?” Now, don’t get the wrong idea, people are generally asking in interest and aren’t necessarily looking for me to defend what I do — they honestly want to know. Whether it’s simple fascination or disbelief — I don’t know.

Regardless, I simply tell them that I had an overwhelming interest and draw to the area. I didn’t have a near death experience. Aliens didn’t abduct me (to the best of my knowledge). There wasn’t a major revelation that I can recall. I just knew that there was more to me, but didn’t quite know how to express it. I give my mom a lot of credit. When I picked up the interest in New Age/Spiritual subjects at the age of 10, I wasn’t a pariah. Nor was I studying the “Devil’s work.” She honestly let me invest time in an interest. Now, my mom was born on a farm in a small community in southwestern Minnesota. Raised a strict Lutheran, she could have perceivably gone haywire when I showed an interest in Metaphysics. But, no, she understood that this was an interest and let me pursue it. I am thankful to her everyday for letting me be me — it got me to this point today. In retrospect, I realized that I, like many others compelled to study the paranormal, new age, or spiritualism, had several personal experiences leading me to the “path.”

That all being said — what makes me “psychic” is pretty anti-climatic as well. Everyone has psychic ability. (This is a theme you’ll hear me mention over and over. Before long you’ll think I’m a broken record.) Yes, some have more of a predisposition to it than others. No different than having a musical aptitude. What differentiates me is that I exercise that psychic “muscle” everyday in my readings, working in the paranormal, and in my personal life. Beyond that — I have the courage (and frankly — this is what people pay me for) to communicate the information that I get. That’s the biggest hurdle — being brave enough to trust and have faith in what you know but have no logical explanation for.

Because everyone has a “psychic side” to himself or herself, you can learn to be more intuitive. There are steps you can take, classes you can attend (check out your local area Learning Annex for classes) and about a billion wonderful books you can read to assist your development. The more and more you attempt to connect; the easier it will become. As I mentioned before, you will be exercising the psychic “muscle.” With time, it simply becomes instinctual.

Whether you realize it or not, you are being guided and assisted everyday by your angels, guides, Goddess, Divine spirit — whatever you prefer to call it. Have the courage to trust in yourself and your intuition. You won’t go wrong.

Now, let’s address a note I received from a Ghostvillage reader:

Hi Tiffany,

I know a lot of people seem to really want to develop their psychic abilities, but I also know that for some people it can be the cause of a lot of difficulties. For someone who has never wanted to be different, being “weird” can be very uncomfortable.

What advice do you have for people who find themselves having anomalous experiences that they are uncomfortable about? What can be done to turn a reluctant psychic into a happy medium?



First,thank you for writing. It’s appreciated! Honestly, I don’t think anything is better for a psychic when they are validated. So, if at all possible, work to find the facts behind what is happening, or what you received. You can’t argue or wrestle with logic and reason. From there, I’d suggest finding a community that you can speak to. Either in person or online. Sometimes it’s easier, at first, to have some anonymity until you become comfortable with your skills. Lastly, educate yourself as much as you can by reading about psychism. From there, you’ll gain, at minimum, the idea around what you may expect, and will reinforce that you, and what you are going through, aren’t alone.

Hope that’ helps, Sandy!

If you have a question for me in regards to psychic abilities, paranormal occurrences, etc. please send it to I look forward to speaking with you next month!

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