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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Littleton, Colorado
Date of Encounter: 1987

My family moved into this house in Colorado in 1980. I was 11 years old at the time. Immediately I learned there are such things as ghosts. It would say my name every night when I went to bed, and I would just lay there shaking, thinking "What was that?"

Many things happened over the years with this ghost. Most notably every night we would hear someone digging in the rocks on the side of the house. Even with three feet of snow on the ground! Of course when we would look the next day there would be nothing dug up. This is the encounter I want to talk about, however.

I was sitting downstairs just chilling, watching TV, and the ghost was probably trying to scare me in one way or another. After seven years with this thing, I didn't get scared anymore, it just made me angry that it was trying to scare me. Anyway, I'm tired, I turn out all the lights, and run up the stairs with this thing chasing me like it always did. I get into my room and shut the door, my heart racing a bit, getting ready for bed. Then it occurs to me I have left something downstairs that I cannot let my mother see. Probably a pot pipe or something. So I open up the door to go downstairs, and I swear this ghost is standing right in front of me. A huge rush of cold and fear hit me and I shut the door, scared silly. It left me breathless for a minute. What a horrible feeling. And yet an even worse feeling was when I told myself it didn't matter how scared I was, I had to open the door back up and go downstairs to get my stuff. Eventually the fear of my mother overcame my fear of the ghost, and I opened up the door (nothing there this time). I turned on the hall light and retrieved my gear. I remember thinking maybe I scared the ghost too, because I felt nothing on the run back upstairs. Like I said, many things happened to me and my brothers and sister over the years at this house. Never my mom, though (I know she did hear the digging). I think the ghost was afraid of her too.

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