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Tiffany Johnson - Your Psychic Life is Tiffany's monthly column on being psychic.
There are a lot of things that chap my hide… psychically and paranormally speaking. I thought I’d share some of those things here, at Ghostvillage. I fully expect for some of you to disagree with me. And that’s okay. Hopefully, here, in this forum, we can appreciate each other’s conviction, although we may not always agree.

Paranormal Locations
Folks, there is no “territory” when it comes to investigation. If a family has an investigation, feels another should be done and calls in another group, that’s their determination. Not yours. I don’t care if you’ve investigated the home 3,000 times; it’s not “yours.” The family owns the house and with all due respect, they can do with it what they please. Same goes for public venues (such as bars, museums, etc.). The owner(s) can do what they will. Don’t take it personally if they want to have other options/opinions/groups. Maybe they just feel comfortable with the idea of consensus. Or it may be that they simply like the attention. Whatever the reason, appreciate that you had the opportunity and move on.

Cold Readings
For those of you who aren’t familiar with what a cold reading is, here is the definition: A technique used by individuals to gain information about someone then to use it to pass themselves off as psychic. They do it by making really vague generalizations then asking for validation. Making sweeping statements that most can relate to, they prey on people who are often seeking authentic, real psychic information. Hopefully that makes sense. For instance a cold reader could make the statement “I see someone that has passed around you with the letter “J.” Now — most of us have had a loved one that has crossed over. And “J” being a super common letter (think of the name John – the most common male name in the English language), we look and work to place that info. Once something has been connected in the individuals mind, we then let the cold reader know that, by golly, YES! We do understand that connect. This, my Ghostvillagers, is not a true psychic reading. Watch out for these charlatans. Most psychics ask that you don not give them any information right upfront other than your query. If you are answering more questions than asking — RUN!

Although I believe in the belief in curses and hexes, I don’t believe in the actuality of them affecting you without your knowledge. Here’s the thing… If you run into a “psychic” (notice that I use quotes as these people are just predators and not true psychics) and he or she, no matter how accurate they are, tells you that they want to light a candle/say prayers/chant/etc. for you for the next two weeks (or whatever the time allotment may be) as you are cursed, get out! This is a scam, folks. I don’t care how sincere or kind this person may seem. They are working on fear and any psychic worth his or her salt will want to empower you to make change in your own life. Not take that strength away.

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