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Witness: Amy
Location: Manistique, Michigan
Date of Encounter: March, 2009

One day, I was having a sleepover with my friend, Kira, and we were on the floor with all the cool stuff. We were just sitting and talking when we felt this strong feeling we were being watched. Curiously, we sat back-to-back to make sure it wasn't ourselves watching each other. So we turned back-to-back and felt the same thing. It made me shiver.

Next we introduced ourselves and asked, "Can you make a noise for us if you're here with us?" And then a loud bang in the ceiling came upon us. Our mouths dropped to the floor. We couldn't believe it. Next we asked if they could come sit by us. Soon, I felt the presence of someone next to me. It made me nervous. "Are their two or more of you? If there's two or more, then touch Kira. If there is one, then touch me," I said.

Soon Kira felt a cold presence on her arm and then she asked, "Are there only two of you?" And it touched her. So, we knew there were two. We asked if they were young or older. We found out one was elderly, one was younger, and they were married with no kids. I remember how cold it was when they touched us. Next we asked if they wanted us to stay or leave. One wanted us to leave the other wanted us to stay. We invited the one that wanted us to stay downstairs with us and we went in my room. I shut the door after I felt that same watched feeling. Next I asked if they would tell me their name. Upstairs, Kira had heard a whisper, but I didn't. Now in my room, we asked it to sit on the pillow on my bed. Soon I turned my head away and what happened is: The letter 'T' appeared on the pillow. Next an 'I' appeared. It also controlled our hands to write part of their names. Tiny or Tina was their name.

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