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Yoga and Sound by Dick de Ruiter and Reiki & Sound by Simone Drenkelfort and Rainer TillmanYoga & Sound
By Dick de Ruiter
Publisher: Binkey Kok Publications (February 2006)
Pages: 63 plus CD – Price: $21.95

Reiki & Sound
By Simone Drenkelfort and Rainer Tillman
Publisher: Binkey Kok Publications (March 2006)
Pages: 63 plus CD – Price: $21.95 review

These two CDs are exceedingly enjoyable, and a genuine learning experience. For those interested in yoga and reiki, these are highly recommended.

With the yoga book and CD, the reader will hear the sounds that help discover one’s own body. The reader will learn how to supercharge chakras with sound, and information is given on yoga postures and vibrational patterns. Harmonization techniques are detailed.

With the reiki book and CD, the reader will encounter the hands-on transference of energy and harmonization techniques. The art of healing the body with reiki (aka the universal life energy) is shared with the reader who studies the book and listens to the CD. Like the yoga book with CD, this is a wonderful adventure in sound listening.

Two excellent CDs. Congratulations to all those involved for making this available to the public. Worth your time!

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