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A chapter from the book Stepping Stones

By Rick Hayes

At a recent book- signing event, I was approached with a question that is common to me – “Does it bother you when someone is skeptical?” A question that matched the event, as I quickly recalled a chapter in my book You’re Not Crazy, You Have A Ghost (ISBN # 0-9765434-0-0) and shared my thoughts with my new friend.

If there were a line for skeptics, I would probably have been the first one in line. Throughout most of my earthly plan I struggled with the ability to “Listen,” but today I understand not to struggle but rather to be thankful.

As you may know, I feel that each of us was given the unique ability to “Listen” by our creator. How often have you thought you saw someone at a glimpse, and quickly surmised “must have been my eyes playing games.” A feeling to contact someone that you were thinking about and to have the person call or drop by moments later, and said “it must have been a coincidence.”

Each of us experiences the ability to ‘Listen’ but because of society’s upbringing, we grow in our earthly shell and disregard our gift as ‘coincidence or imagination’. Skepticism is simply not to fully understand. In a previously published book, I utilize the following examples:

*In 1943 man landing on the moon was a “dream that will not happen.”
*In 1943, cooking with microwaves meant you had “too much medication or had been drinking.”
*In 1943, to have the ability to send messages or capture images by way of a product called a computer was “something that was considered impossible.”

Even in the greatest book ever written, skepticism is documented. Do you believe that Moses met with skepticism when he relayed that he “spoke with God through a burning bush?” Do you think many laughed at Noah for building the ark due to the message received? Skepticism is simply a part of earth’s amazing history, but without skepticism, the amazing wonders that are around us would not have been a part of life’s plan.

Skepticism is a gift of choice that allows us to learn and to grow. I respect those who are skeptical, as they are utilizing their gift of choice. I have also experienced those who are skeptical are also those who are growing within; in their own unique way.

Someday when our earthly plan is complete, we will move on and know that as we experienced skepticism.

We also were learning to understand the amazing gift of life that is everlasting.

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