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Witness: Natalie
Location: Rockwood, Michigan
Date of Encounter: 1985-1989

When I was a little girl my family and I lived in a ranch style house complete with a basement in a small town in southeastern Michigan. My older sister and I were the only two family members that had multiple encounters with the sprit(s). To this day we believe this/these spirit(s) to be dark and sinister.

My sister's first encounter happened in the dead of night. Our mother and father were sleeping in their room, our older brother was sound asleep in his room, and we were both fast asleep in our room, when my sister Laura heard a loud banging in our basement directly under our room. Then she heard what sounded like the shuffling of toys from one side of the basement to the other. She then heard the basement door open and the sound of someone walking up the stairs. She claims she was frantically trying to wake me up, but I wouldn't budge. She then heard steps in the kitchen and down the hallway leading to all of our bedrooms. The footsteps stopped and a second later the door handle turned and the door opened. That's when my sister started screaming "there's a ghost in our room!" Her blood-curdling scream ended up waking everyone (including me). We all ended up sleeping with my mom and dad that night.

A few months later, my sister and I were sleeping in our parents' room with our mom (my dad had a temporary night job working security on the weekends). During the night I woke up at the side of the bed closest to the door and dresser. Standing in front of the dresser was a large hooded figure with a large bag slung over its shoulder. I couldn't make out the being's face or even locate any body parts. I tried to roll over my mom so I wouldn't be so close to it, but I woke her up instead. She told me that my sister, Laura had just rolled over her because she saw a ghost. I didn't tell my mom what I had seen. I just rolled over her and slept between her and my sister. The next day my sister and I compared stories and we had both seen the same creature!

Over the next few years we lived there my sister and I ended up seeing that creature only one or two more times. I'll never forget how unsafe and scared I felt living in that house. It had to have been haunted!

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