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Workplace Spells: Everyday Magick on the Job by Marla BrooksWorkplace Spells: Everyday Magick on the Job
By Marla Brooks
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (December 2008)
Pages: 160 – Price: $19.99 review

Marla Brooks considers herself both a Wiccan and a Witch. She is also a paranormal investigator, author of the popular Ghosts of Hollywood book series, and host of the radio program “Stirring the Cauldron” on Para-X. She was born on July 17th under the creative sign of Cancer.

In this book of magic spells, Brooks successfully covers many areas that will benefit people in the working world, and each spell is given for a definite reason. She covers ritual tools, raising energy, and how to cast and create personal spells. There are 51 spells shared with the reader, and each spell fulfills a specific need. Among them are found such spells as anti-anxiety spell, bottle spell to get a raise, car blessing spell, computer spell, get to work on time spell, gossip spell, harmony power spell, hold thy tongue spell, to find the job of your dreams spell, wish sack spell, and Witches’ bottle spell.

This well-written book also contains information on candle magick, magickal herbs, magickal amulets, magickal gemstones, magickal properties of incense, pagan deities, spirit guides, the Wiccan Rede, and the Law of Three. Each entry will hold the reader’s interest from beginning to end!

This is a nice, easy to read and absorb, and entertaining book to read. Workplace Spells will certainly come in handy in the workplace. There is something useful for everybody in this book of magick.

Congratulations to the author on a job well-done, and to the publisher for publishing this interesting magick book. If you are looking for a positive way in which to gain personal control over your personal work slot in the workplace, this is an ideal book to purchase and have on hand for immediate reference.

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