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Witness: Nathan and Matthew
Location: Strongsville, Ohio
Date of Encounter: January 3, 2009

Matthew: I was watching TV this night. I noticed a noise dragging outside of the house. I looked over to my friend, Nathan and asked, "Do you hear that dragging noise?" He answered, "Yeah." Nathan grabbed a bat and wooden sword. He threw me the wooden sword, and then he cursed the "person" making the noise and said, "I'll bust your head open if you come in here." I grabbed my BB gun and loaded it to the max. Also, I grabbed the remote for the TV. I turned off the TV. We looked outside and we saw something. At the right-hand corner of the window I saw a white face. The face was just staring at me. I felt like it was trying to connect with me. Then I felt scared. I felt like I was about to die. I turned on the TV and the face was gone. I began to cry for no reason, and I felt something crawling in me and turning my body inside out. Me and Nathan felt the same thing, but Nathan felt it a lot faster than me.

Since my BB gun was loaded, I went to shoot my hand. The spirit drained me of my power until I couldn't pull the trigger. We started feeling aches and pains going through our body rapidly. Exactly at 5:00 AM, the aches and pains stopped. We held my wooden sword up as a cross, because we were so scared. Then we considered five our lucky number. We went under our covers and hid. We eventually showed our heads above the blankets at 5:55 AM (our lucky number's five). The rest of the time was spent typing this.

Nathan: me and my cousin's stories differ a small deal. It was maybe 1:00 in the morning and we were arguing about a rubber band ball war. We had settled down for awhile. Matthew looked at me and said, "Did you hear that dragging noise?" I answered, "Yes," I grabbed my bat and wooden sword, and threw Matthew my wooden sword. I cursed the "person" and said, "If you come in here, I'll bust you open." But that person we later found out was a ghost. Scared half to death to even look at the window, we went under our covers. My cousin held up the wooden sword as a cross in faith that it would give us protection, but several minutes before 5:00, the aches and pains coursed through our bodies. At 5:00, the pains and aches stopped. Half crying for forgiveness of the soul, I came up from under the covers. I couldn't see the ghost we had seen earlier in the night. As the night progressed the ghost had "vanished." I will never forget the experience I had this night. I will never forget it, and neither will mu cousin.

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