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Witness: Grace
Location: Stratford, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: February 2001 and on-going,

My house is haunted. I'm almost positive, but I don't think the spirit or ghost is human.

A lot of the time I stay in my room alone and read, or listen to music or something–my door is ALWAYS shut when I'm in my room. Sometimes when I'm lying on my bed reading my door opens by itself which is weird because my door is heavy–no draft could open it. I hear the latch in the door click, and it starts to open–the door always stops at almost exactly the same place.

After the door opens, a presence enters the room. Sometimes it calms me, and sometimes it scares me–I know it's there. You know how sometimes you close your eyes, and then you just KNOW someone walked into a room? That's what it's like. I KNOW its in the room. I can even tell where it goes in my room! I know if it's on the side of the bunk beds, or by the TV.

At times I keep the TV on just so I won't have to look at it and see a reflection of the room because I'm scared I'll see something that's invisible to me. One time the wires to a video game controller started to swing back and forth–I saw it out of the corner of my eye. When I looked directly at them, it stopped. This happened two more times on the same day. It was Saturday, February 17, 2001.

I believe this is the spirit of my cat that got hit by a car in November 1999. I know it might seem silly, but it's not. The way the door opens…is just like the way my living cat does it. Only it's not Kitty–it's Dorothy, the dead cat. And the swinging of the video game wires…as if a cat is batting them, and playing. Dorothy loved to play with string. Also she would open the closet doors sometimes. She was an extremely delicate, quiet animal. After she died, I cried myself to sleep for weeks because I was so depressed. I had a dream about her going into some kind of bright light. She may have come back out of it, I don't remember. But I hope she leaves soon so she can rest in peace.

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