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Witness: Amanda J.
Location: Franklin, Tennessee
Date of Encounter: April 2000

I have been doing extensive research in the Leiper’s Fork community outside of Franklin, Tennessee, as I am looking for a farm to buy. Whenever I asked the realtors about any possible paranormal activity on the older places ("older" meaning 100 years or more in age), they get freaked out, tight-lipped, conservative, and offended – which only peaks my interest all the more.

One particular property, historic "Morningside Farm", circa 1800, on Old Hillsboro Road, is a little-known site of a grisly double-murder suicide in the early 1800’s. Heavy and constant paranormal activity occur at the farm, apparition sightings, disembodied voices and cries for help late at night from the main house, footsteps, doors open and close by themselves, and a phantom horse roams the property searching for its owner. The apparition of the man, who committed the murders, is often seen standing outside the front gates and inside the barn holding the bloody ax he used to commit the "deed". Old land records reveal the house sits over a sacred Indian burial site. Despite being up for sale for over two years, this property remains unsold and stands vacant.

I viewed Morningside Farm in both daylight hours and at night, and I saw the phantom horse and an apparition of a man by the front gate. I got a cold chill every time I walked onto the property. This place has bad vibes and it will never sell.

At one time I was seriously considering this property to purchase, but after thorough research and upon digging deep in county court house records, old land records, talking with prior occupants/owners, and interviewing neighbors who have lived in the area for several generations, I learned the true history of this place and "passed" on it.  It is very close in proximity to the Natchez Trace Trail.

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