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Toronto, Ontario – January 15, 2004: EYEbeam Media Inc. producers of the hit series Creepy Canada (CTV Travel, OLN, Discovery Channel, CTV), is offering a $50,000.00 reward to the individual(s) who submit the most compelling story (as per our Jury’s selection) along with indisputable proof of the existence of paranormal activity anywhere in Canada.

By indisputable proof, the company is looking for photographic, audio or video evidence in conjunction with eyewitness accounts.

This evidence will be reviewed by a jury of technical and professional experts, as well as being subjected to rigorous on-site analysis.

The successful submitter[s] will be subject to polygraph examination. 

The producers wish to be ultimately clear in that they WANT to award this money, so there are no hidden rules or regulations regarding “Proof”. All ‘Proof” means is that our jury agrees that what has been examined cannot be otherwise explained.

The Producers want to hear from the public at large, as well as the paranormal research community. The submissions are not limited to ghosts, and may include monsters of any kind – lake or mountain, ectoplasm, etcetera. Locations can be anywhere in Canada, and may include private residences.

The successful submitter[s] will have a one-hour television special produced around the submission, and the location. The 12 runners-up will see their stories produced in 3 one hour television specials (mini-series), and will receive credit as segment consultants plus an assortment of valuable prizes. 

The Producers look forward to you joining us on our search to prove once and for all, the existence of the paranormal in Canada.


T.B.A, Toronto Star, Senior Journalist, Toronto, ON 
Wayne C. Bradbury B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D: DNA Fingerprinting Expert genetics/ Microbiology; Toronto, ON 
Alex Olegnowicz, IMARION: Visual Effects Expert; Emmy nomination//Outstanding achievement in Graphic and Artistic Design; nomination//Royal Television Society//Best Special Effects; Toronto, ON 
Joseph Sutherland: Joe Sutherland Camera, Director of Photography, Video Forensics Expert Witness, Toronto, ON 
John Adams: Author, Historian/Ghost Expert, Victoria, BC 
Rob McConnell, A.A.P., C.A.P.: Broadcaster, Media Consultant; Parapsychology Expert, Hamilton, ON 
Rod Gudino: RUE MORGUE, Canada’s Premier HORROR Magazine – Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Toronto, ON 
John O’Dea: McInnes Cooper, Areas of Law: Business; Commercial and Corporate; Intellectual Property and Entertainment; Construction Litigation. Legal Council to CCI, St. John’s, NF 
Ross McLeod: INTELLIGARDE (Founder), Toronto, ON – Polygraph expert and provision of "on location" security/bodyguards 
Barry Lebow: Lebow, Hicks and Katchen Ltd., Real Estate Consultant/Expert Witness, (Consultant to Real Estate Industry re: paranormally affected properties, among other services, re stigma properties), Toronto, ON 

Before submitting, all interested parties should read the PROOF submission form by clicking on this link – PROOF On-Line Submission.

Submissions accepted through May 8th, 2004. All submissions are to be sent to:

EYEbeam Media Inc, 239 Kingston Road, Main Floor, Toronto, ON, M4L 1T5

Email –

Web-Site – 

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