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Witness: Tara
Location: Naples, Florida
Date of Encounter: August 2003

My fiancé and I had moved into our first apartment in late July. We had just got done unpacking everything about the second week of August and had finally gotten our bed put together. Our bed was situated so that if I laid on my back the window was to my right and there was a street lamp outside the window that was very bright. The first night we slept in our room I woke up about two in the morning. I was sleeping on my side looking away from the window but had a feeling like someone was behind me. I rolled over and perfectly centered in the window was a shadow of a man. There were no clear or vivid features of the man, just a black figure. I sat up really quick and as I did it ran around our bed, opened our bedroom door, and darted out into the living room. At the same time it ran into the living room the phone began to ring in one long ring and was in the middle of the living room floor as opposed to being in the kitchen where it was plugged in and always left. The blinds were swaying and banging into each other also.

I awoke my fiancé who could not find anything unlocked for someone to get into the house. I was almost convinced it never happen until my fiancé closed the bedroom door and we saw a hole in the wall where the doorknob had been slammed into the wall when it was opened by whatever was in the apartment that night. The following night I awoke to a girl standing at the end of my bed in a red polka dot dress with pigtails waving at me. We moved into another apartment the next week.

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