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Witness: Kelly T.
Location: Princess Anne, Maryland
Date of Encounter: September 21, 2003

This encounter happened to my mom and my brother, Andy.

On Sunday evenings, my family has dinner at my grandparents' "new" house. I say "new," but they have lived there for about 14 years now. Their previous residence is just up the dirt lane from where they live now. The old house is where I spent many nights as a child with my brothers and sister. Nothing strange ever happened there as far as I can remember.

The house, which is on a large, unused chicken farm, has been purchased again. My mom and brother wanted to see what has been done over these past 14 years, but before others moved in. On this particular Sunday, they drove up to the house to have a look. As soon as they got there and got out of the car, they had a feeling like they shouldn't be there. They just wrote it off as being trespassers. They went around to the front of the house, which faces a river, and stood on the porch. Andy began peering into the windows. Mom was just standing on the porch when she heard a female voice say, "Deborah." She listened and again a female voice said, "Deborah." She turned to see Andy still looking into the windows. She knew that if he had heard the voice, he would have turned to look at her or at least have some kind of reaction. She said to him, "Did you hear that?" He said "What?" Then Andy's nose started to bleed! Mom said "Let's get out of here!"

When they came back to where the rest of us were, they were clearly spooked. My mom was nearly in tears. Andy didn't think a thing of it. In all my 28 years I have never known Andy to have nose bleeds. What could have caused his nose bleed at the same time Mom heard a voice call her name?

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