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Witness: Gino
Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan
Date of Encounter: June 2001

All my life I've had this scary interest in ghosts, the paranormal, and other things surrounding this, but I never imagined I'd ever experience it. It was the Summer of 2001. I'd been getting a little more than just interested in ghosts to the point that I was actively seeking out ghosts and haunted places with friends. This was all good and fun until I got the scare of a lifetime…

I was asleep, as always, when I woke up. As I rubbed my sleep depraved eyes, I looked over at my desk adjacent to my bed and saw a man perched on my desk like a gargoyle. All he did was stare. His eyes blacked out. My spine went numb. I couldn't close my eyes. I still remember how he looked. Long scraggly black hair, pale Caucasian complexion, unshaven face, long black trench coat, black shirt, black pants, and black boots. I felt as if I was staring at him forever, when I suddenly blinked, and he was gone. I assumed this was nothing but a nightmare and went back to bed.

A couple days went by when I was again awoken from my sleep. Waking up in a cold sweat I needed to wash my face. After I doused my face with water, I looked up into the mirror but I saw his face. Again, I went numb, staring at the mirror but not seeing myself. And again, he was gone within a blink's time.

Freaked out, I told my friend who was deep into this sort of thing, and who also had a ghost roaming her home. We decided to do a Ouija session and ask her ghostly companion about this person. Her ghost was talkative as always, but when we mentioned Tyler (I named him after Brad Pitt's character in Fight Club, due to me seeing him in the mirror) she went silent. She refused to speak even when we went off topic. We were scared.

Things started to get weirder. I had two friends over at my place, and I fell asleep. As they were sitting there playing videogames, they swear they saw black smoke rising from my bathroom. My main friend swears she would see him (Tyler) from time to time in my backseat. I always felt this queasiness and knew he was around. I didn't think it could get worse, but it did.

We were at my friend's home watching a movie. She was on the floor with her boyfriend, I was on a couch, and various other people were scattered around. All of a sudden, she got up, sat on my lap, and gripped my arm like she wanted to stop the blood flow. She stared off slightly to the side of the TV and kept increasing her grip. Finally, the movie ended and we all went home. She called me to tell me she saw him walk out through the wall and point at me. I wasn't surprised due to the queasiness I felt. But she said she felt like she had to protect me. That same night, she was awoken from her sleep by her bed shaking massively.

I was scared beyond my wits. She was supposed to be going to Australia, and I needed her here, but she left anyways. While she was gone, I had another encounter. I woke up in the middle of the night, yet again, to see all the lights in the living room were on. Going to see what it was, I saw Tyler there. I felt this need to go after him, but was stopped dead in my tracks. Not being able to move, he finally spoke. "You know why I'm here. I'm not leaving without it." Then I was released and I lunged at him, falling right through him. I woke up a couple hours later with dried blood along the side of my face. I guess I landed pretty hard. I got back into bed, when all of a sudden a flood of images involving suicide, homicide, rape, etc. filled my eyes. I couldn't stop it. Crying uncontrollably, I finally passed out.

The next day I got an odd phone call from my friend who was in Australia. She had asked what had happened. I couldn't tell her. She said she didn't know why, but she left her friends to go back to the hotel, and as soon as she got into the room, she broke down crying for no apparent reason. I told her what happened and she freaked.

I stopped sleeping at this point. I couldn't bear seeing him. I started drinking and doing drugs to forget about what was happening, and to give me an excuse to pass out somewhere other than my home. Then, the last encounter happened.

Yet again, I was sleeping. As I woke up, I saw Tyler standing over my bed, hand over my face. I went to move, but I couldn't. Then I just passed out again.

The next day I got another call from my friend in Australia. Again she asked what had happened. I shrugged it off, saying nothing happened. Then she told me what happened to her. Her group was going somewhere on their bus and she was asleep. All of a sudden, she was in my room, staring at Tyler standing over me. She started to scream at him, yelling to get off of me and that I was hers. He raised a hand that threw her against the wall, but she kept insisting I was hers. All of a sudden he let go and she woke up to the people in her group laughing. They heard her screaming for some guy to stop. They have it on videotape.

That was the last encounter with Tyler. This is the first time I've spoken about him since the incident. It was horrible, but I have always had this yearning to see him again, and I don't know why.

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