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Haunted Encounters
Haunted Encounters: Real-Life Stories of Supernatural Experiences, Haunted Encounters: Ghost Stories from Around the World, Haunted Encounters: Personal Stories of Departed Pets

Edited by Ginnie Bivona, Dorothy McConachie and Michael Whitington
Publisher: Atriad Press (April 2004)
Price: $15.95 (each) review

Although these three fine ghost collections can be purchased separately, they are so entertaining and enjoyable reading it is suggested they be purchased together for the home library, or as a gift for a friend. Well-edited, they will attract many paranormal readers with their keen insights and unusual happenings.

Real-life Stories of Supernatural Experiences contains events of ghostly experiences written by the persons who lived through them. Of the numerous stories, here are a few which will come back to haunt you: “Summer of 1965,” “Night of the Black Devil,” “Colorado,” “Full House,” “Haunted,” “A Lighted Fog,” and “The Wanderer.” Personal Stories of Departed Pets contains ghostly visits to people by pets who have died. Among the intriguing visits are found such gems as “A Girl’s Best Friend,” “The Mewling Cat,” “Love and Emma,” “Shadows,” “Hamster Ghost,” “The Dog That Wasn’t There,” “Ghost Cat,” “Archie,” and “Fishes For His Food.” Ghost Stories from Around the World features such ghostly encounters as the fascinating “Diving into the Supernatural,” “The Shoe Thief,” “The Chalice,” “Visitor at Shiloh,” “All Saints’ Cottage,” “Haunted Sanctuary,” “The Kiss,” “Rose,” “Spooked by Love,” “Harry,” and “Ghost Walk.”

These three books will give the reader hours of reading entertainment. The editing is superb, the selections topnotch, and the true stories well-detailed. Great reading enjoyment for those who enjoy true ghost stories!

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