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Witness: Katy Hobbs
Location: Nebraska
Date of Encounter: October 31 2008

I remember one of my first encounters vividly because it occurred only days ago. I am a young woman, and I never believed in ghosts because I am proudly a Christian, and as the Bible states, when you die, you either go to Heaven, or burn in Hell, so I never believed there was any "in between."

I was sleeping soundly in my bedroom, I know it was between midnight and 2 AM (I had no clock to confirm the time). I had a dream about me and a group of people from my school and church. They were people I knew their names, but I really didn't know them on a personal level, so they were kind of strangers to me. In the dream we were all being picked off by something, and in the end, me and a boy were left, and he suddenly disappeared. Just as an ice-cold aura descended upon me, and the darkness enclosed my mind, I woke up. I woke up to the sound of the notes on my electric piano fading. On this piano, when you hold the keys and let go, the notes carry on and fade out in a couple of seconds. I connected the melodies as a piece I was learning, I forget the name, but it's very beautiful and fun to play. I was reading a forum on it, and I read that the song was written by a man whose wife, two sons, and daughter were killed by a serial killer in 1906, while he was off hunting. It's documented that the wife begged him not to go and leave them there, she said something felt wrong, but he went anyway, convinced they'd be fine. He came home to find them all in a line on the living room floor, with their necks slit. The man who wrote the song couldn't bear living in the house his beloved, and his precious children were slaughtered in, especially since he felt he could have stopped the killer if he would have stayed home. He moved to a small home, three blocks away from my current home (this took me a lot of Web surfing to find out). He was in my house with the owner (back then) playing piano for the friend and his wife. Then the only bathroom was downstairs, and the stairs were very slippery hard wood before being carpeted over by another owner. He fell down the stairs and cracked his head, dying a few days later. I believe he is in my house, playing his beautiful sonata to whoever will listen.

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