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Twist Your Fate: 7 Steps to Fortune by Geof Gray-CobbTwist Your Fate: 7 Steps to Fortune
By Geof Gray-Cobb
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (July 2008)
Pages: 176 – Price: $14.99 review

The readers of the paranormal, supernatural, and metaphysical will welcome the appearance of this new book by Geof Gray-Cobb. Born in England, Geof Gray-Cobb became well-known as a psychic with his various writings, lectures, and appearances on television. His books include Astral Travel, The Miracle of New Avatar Power, among others. He lives with his wife Maiya in Saskatchewan, Canada.

This new book reflects upon the many aspects of Geof Gray-Cobb, the man, the writer, the psychic, the channeler, and the man who has explored the paranormal since the 1960s. Twist Your Fate is about coincidence, or synchronicity. It is about perfecting a balance of harmony in the individual’s personal life, and all that can accompany that harmony.

The chapters catch the reader’s attention quickly. Each chapter covers topics of interest. Following a lively and insightful introduction, the author gives the reader ten interesting chapters. A transcription portion of a channeling session is given, this coming from an entity calling itself Henry Plater born in England and deceased during the year 1954.

Here are the chapter topics: The secret to happiness, how to eliminate misfortune from one’s life, giving yourself permission and cooperating with your chosen destiny, tips, suggestions, and afterthoughts. Each chapter is concise, and helpful. The themes of auras and reincarnation are also covered.

For those who have discovered this psychic’s writings over the years, this is another fine book written by him. Those new to his writings will discover Twist Your Fate a most fascinating and enjoyable reading adventure. Those who enjoy paranormal, supernatural, and metaphysical literature will find this an excellent book. Congratulations to the author for a job well-done, and a memorable reading experience.

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