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Witness: Nina
Location: Medford, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: June 4, 2008

First off, I do not quite know if Medford has as much of a haunted history as somewhere like, say, Salem, Massachusetts. My house is 100-150 years old, it's had a couple of rooms added on, but none of them have been added since before my family and I moved in. The oldest rooms in the house are 150 years old. I've yet to see an actual ghost, but I have had two Ouija board experiences so far, and I believe I might have once seen what I've often heard to be called a "shadow person," the latter of which I will be telling you about here.

I was downstairs in a slightly older part of the house, my father was on his computer to my left, and I was on my computer, to his right. My brother was a few feet in front of me, at his desk, on his laptop, and he had his light on, but I know what I saw, and I know it wasn't him moving around or anything of that sort. It was somewhere around 11:30-11:45 at night. I was on my laptop listening to some music on my headphones, and for a moment I felt as thought something in the room was a little bit out of place. But me realizing the time, I believed that maybe I was just getting a bit too tired, to which I told myself I'd go up to bed soon. I was sitting near the doorway to the room, which is arched and simply cut into the wall, so there's really no door to it, it's simply one room going into another. My brother's light was turned at a slight angle, so it wasn't really putting the doorway on the spotlight or anything like that. So as I'm typing up a homework assignment for the next school day, I paused for a moment because I caught a sort of shadow passing by the doorway in the other room. From what I remember, it looked like any other shadow, as if somebody could have been standing there, although I knew my mom was upstairs, and that my brother, dad, and I were the only ones down here. Nobody else was in the house besides us. I didn't fully see the shadow person pass by, but somehow I saw a second one. Then again, it might have been the same shadow person rushing by again. I remember it, or the shadow person, looked kind of on the tall side. That's all that happened. I've never had something like this experience happen before. But this really happened.

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