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Witness: Brittney
Location: Trumbull, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: April 1999

I grew up in a very haunted house. We were mostly used to it and had been told by professionals that the best thing we could do was bless the house often with prayers and holy water, and to ignore it. Easier said than done. The spirits that lived in our house with us had a strong bond to my sister and I. At the time I was 16 and my sister was 18. On this particular occasion, my sister had just been admitted to the hospital for certain health complications that I would rather not mention. To get our minds off of things, my mother and I decided it would be nice to go out to eat with my sister's boyfriend. We thought it might make us all feel better to just get out for a second. Now, during this general time it was not unusual to hear banging in the walls, clanking on pipes, electrical problems, etc. But this night, it was so strong, and then it followed us.

As my sister's boyfriend and I waited in the kitchen for my mother to get ready, the banging started in the room above us — my sister's empty bedroom. So I went to tell my mother, "We better get going, they are starting." As I said this, the pull curtain in the window behind my mother flew up and the light went off. We took the hint and got the heck out of there! 

We were all a little freaked but like we were told, we tried not to make a big deal out of it. As we walked out of the house we put the porch light on which blew out as we walked in front of it. We still ignored it. We lived on a main road and were going to a restaurant about 3 miles down the street. As we drove, every street light that we went under went out. We spoke about it quietly, "Did you just see that?" But we still just tried to ignore it. We arrived at the restaurant and were seated. A few moments into our meal, the light above our table began flickering rapidly and flickered the entire time that we were there. As we got up to leave, the light finally went out. As we drove home we noticed that all the street lights we had driven under were still out. 

Upon arriving home, our front porch was still dark from the light blowing out earlier and my mother and I decided it would be best if we only used candle light for the rest of the evening. The walls and pipes still banged all night long. This haunting continued the entire time that we lived there. 

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