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Protection & Reversal Magick: A Witch's Defense Manual by Jason Miller (Inominandum)Protection & Reversal Magick: A Witch’s Defense Manual
By Jason Miller (Inominandum)
Publisher: New Page Books (June 2006)
Pages: 224 – Price: $14.99 review

Jason Miller aka Rev. Inominandum has written a vivid, practical approach to protection and reversal magick. He carefully defines how to recognize the source of an attack and how to identify the signs. A discussion of establishing personal warning systems is detailed and explained in concise, clearly understandable language.

There is a discussion on how to appease angry spirits through offerings, and how to perform daily banishings and create amulets designed to prevent most attacks. The author discusses how to make magickal decoys to absorb incoming attack and summon guardian spirits for help.

An important aspect of the book is how to reverse curses and send them back to the sender. He suggests practical methods for binding, confusing, and expelling an enemy that constantly troubles you.

Jason Miller has been involved in magick and Witchcraft for nearly twenty years. His many travels for research has taken him to live in New Orleans to study Hoodoo, studying Witchcraft in Europe, and studying tantra in Nepal. A member of various spiritual and magickal orders, he contributes writings to Behutet, a popular journal of magick.

As a defense manual, this is a well-written work. As a reference, it should come in very handy for all readers interested in the topic of protection and reversal magick. Chapter 8 on healing and recovery has sound advice, and the appendices are educational. There is a fine approach to making a “Floor Wash” for personal protection, found on pages 92 – 95. A way to prepare “Peace Water” for peace in the home is revealed on page 177. Auric healing is examined on pages 184 – 186, followed by an interesting discussion of soul retrieval. Every topic covered makes for enjoyable reading, and is a quick learning experience ready to be put to immediate use. The author’s writing style is smooth, concise, and factual.

This is a fine book, one you will enjoy reading. The author covers his material in an honest, straight-ahead fashion, making the reading exciting, entertaining, and intimate. Readers will find much information in the book which is of practical use. Very enjoyable! Congratulations to the author on a job well-done!

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