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Witness: Mindy Moros
Location: Via Phone – New York/California
Date of Encounter: October 1987

My cousin Gayle and I were born only 3 weeks apart and were very close as children. When I was in my late 20s, I moved from Buffalo, New York to the Bay Area in California, and we still kept in touch. She asked me to be in her wedding party, but I had a new job and was reluctant to take time off. She was married on August 21, 1987and was killed by a drunk driver on the way home after the wedding reception. She was still in her wedding dress when they pulled her from the wreckage. Sadly, I made the trip back East for her funeral. As I sat in the church for her funeral, I saw a beautiful pink light with gold sparkles swirling in the shape of a lemniscate (sideways "8" – symbol of infinity) above her casket. Our family's tragedy was headline news in the media for quite some time, and it sparked a lot of debate about the DUI laws in New York State. 

You never get over a tragedy like that, but your life goes on. But something wasn't right. I kept feeling uneasy and "heavy" and very down — like I was weighed down. I kept thinking of Gayle, and I realized that she was trapped to the earth plane and was unable to move on because of all the media attention, her family's grief, and the shocking nature of it all. 

I regularly kept in touch with a very dear friend in Buffalo who, like me, had studied metaphysics for many years. During one of our phone calls, we realized the need for Gayle to be released from the earth plane and into the spirit world. During a phone call, we "spoke" to her and told her it was okay to go. After a few seconds of silence, I heard a female voice (kind of like altered electronically, but very definitely female) say, "Thank you." I was stunned and felt chills. My friend heard it as well. We were both stunned. 

After that, I felt lightened and relieved. I was able to focus on my own concerns, and I felt "lighter."

Some years later, I saw some of that pink swirling light with the sparkles again — this time in my bedroom — and thought of Gayle. It was a few days later that I learned that one of her brothers was going to be a father.

Because it was so difficult for her to pass over, I've not actively encouraged any communication with her, but I'm always open to receiving communication. 

I've told only a handful of people this story over the years (as you can imagine the response most people would have). But I'm coming forward with it now so that it can become part of the overwhelming evidence of life after death.

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