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Witness: Beckie
Location: England
Date of Encounter: Ongoing since March 7 2006

We get lots of strange goings on in our flat that usually come in waves. There will be nothing for a few months, then it all starts up again. For the last two weeks we have been experiencing our lights dimming and brightening, odd noises at night, and our home telephone answering machine coming on with out receiving a call.

I got in from work last night feeling rather tired as I'd just worked three nights and knowing that I had four more to go, I was feeling irritable. Me and my partner got into bed and we were bickering about something when we heard a loud bang coming from the kitchen that stopped us immediately. My partner refused to go and have a look so as usual, I got out of bed and went to investigate. It turns out that a tray had somehow flown out from under the side and slapped into the middle of the floor. I asked my partner if he had used a tray while I had been at work and he said no, then rolled over and closed his eyes tightly to sleep (chicken). As I sat here to type this a piece of A4 paper has just flown off my bed and fallen at my feet. I'm not scared of this entity but I am aware that it is trying to get our attention. We've just lost a close friend who was only 24 years old and I am wondering if it is him, or the resident ghost who was here before he passed.

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