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Witness: Brittany Stack
Location: Hudson, Michigan
Date of Encounter: February 22, 2006

My mom and I were visiting my brother for his daughter's birthday party. We left early in the morning and met my brother at Mickey D's. We ate, then we followed him to this house that he was fixing up for some woman who wanted to rent it out. The woman who wanted to rent out the house lived there with her son who was killed in the house. Someone had struck the guy in the back of the head with a hammer killing him instantly.

My mother and my brother went there without me one day and when they came back to the house my mother said that they had heard footsteps upstairs. Knowing they were the only ones in the house, it kind of freaked them out. When we all went to the house we went inside — the place was a mess being that it was being worked on. My mom and my brother went upstairs and I decided to stay downstairs to see if anything would happen. First I just stood there thinking don't move, don't make a sound. From where I was standing in the middle of the room I could see the living room and the door that lead to the stairs. To my left was the kitchen, and behind me was a small bedroom. I thought I would go in the bedroom to see if anything seemed out of the ordinary. I walked in and noticed that there was a hole in the door but I didn't think anything of it. Then I headed straight for the closet which had no door. I walked in, stood there, and touched the walls slowly to see if I could sense anything. I got a strange feeling of being watched so I decided to leave, but I stopped when I reached the door. There was a window behind me and a shadow was cast on the door. For some reason I looked at the door and I saw a figure standing there — but just like that, it was gone. My brother also said he can hear music being played and voices. I think it's the spirit of the young guy who was killed here.

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