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Witness: Kiarri
Location: Warren, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: October 21, 2008

My experience all began from the time I was about 14 years-old and became engrossed in playing the Ouija board, Psychic Circle, reading Black Magic, learning about Wicca, trying to Free Write, etc. I find myself wanting to be alone, sitting in the dark away from others. I'm also labeled as Goth because I wear nothing but black all the time. When I'm around other people I have a tendency to lash out at them, and have a feeling of hatred and evil. Once while playing the Ouija with a friend of mine, I had a snow globe sitting on my dresser that had a mirror attached. The snow globe shifted from side to side, and then a weird screaching sound came from that direction. My friend literally was so terrified she took one great big leap from my bed into the hallway. I just sat there laughing as though I found humor in it.

Once on Christmas Eve I went with family to a church. I was sitting on the top balcony looking down at the pastor and for some reason I wanted to hurt him for no reason at all. The year after I went back to church again on Christmas Eve and when the pastor gave everyone a moment to pray to themselves in silence, I bowed my head holding my unlit candle in my hand and prayed, "Dear God, please hear my cry for help. I feel that evil has consumed me. Please banish these demons and set me free, and if you hear me please give me a sign." Just then the microphone at the alter started to crackle, all the candles in the aisles began to flicker, people looked around uneasy, and then I looked down at my candle and it had been burnt. I walked out of there that night feeling as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. But the feeling didn't last long. A few weeks went by and I started hearing walking in the hallways in my house, and having the feeling that someone's watching my every move. I even began to have dreams about a diabolical being taunting me and trying to attack me. These dreams were playful mostly; like locking my three-year-old daughter in her closet; putting my newborn son in the shower and turning the water on while he's sitting in his carrier; making snarling noises, clattering, whispering, etc. It was trying to chase me out of the house in fear.

Last night I was awoke at 3 AM from hearing the sound of my own voice telling me to wake up. The dream was about this black being that didn't take on any shape or form, but was holding me down and attacking me. During the dream I was running from it and it began getting more and more angry; pushing tables, throwing objects, and finally when I screamed, "Wake up!" as it grabbed a hold of me, it was all over, or so I thought. I walked out into the hallway and had a tingling, electric like charge going throughout my body. Can anyone help? Any suggestions?

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