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Witness: Jaclyn
Location: Grand Prairie, Texas
Date of Encounter: 2004

All my life I've always had encounters with ghosts. One time it got so bad that we had to have someone bless the house, especially the room I slept in. I kept seeing ghosts in my room. There was this woman, about in her 30's and a little girl, about 5 or 6. The little girl was always asking, "Come play with me!" But I would always just pull the covers over my head. Every night she would do that. The woman just seemed to stay in a corner of the room, sometimes just standing there frightened me because she wouldn't leave and her eyes were always glowing. One day I found out that we had another ghost inside the house. This one wasn't as kind as the other two. The first time I saw him I practically screamed, ran out of the house, and ran down the street. His appearance scared me because he didn't have a head and when I opened my closet I saw a body without a head. After that it took some time before me going back into the room and when I did go back into the room, at night, I heard a voice that said something along the lines "kill her." 

After that, my parents practically thought I was mental, that I'd gone insane. So we finally had the room and the house blessed. After a while everything was peaceful until one night.

I had went into my room, closed the door, turned on the TV, and turned off the light, turning on a small lamp that I had near my bed. Anyways, I flopped down on my bed and soon drifted off to sleep. Somewhere around 4:10 AM, I felt something jump onto my bed on the corner. I dismissed it, thinking it was my dog since she loved to jump onto my bed and sleep with me. I laid there with my eyes closed and then they snapped open when I realized that my dog wasn't in the room with me, she was sleeping in my parent's room that night and there was no way she could have gotten in because the door was closed. Now half-way scared, I decided to just dismiss it again, I was probably imagining it so I went back to sleep. As soon as I drifted off to sleep, I felt something like a four hundred pound person jump onto me, I literally shrieked. The bed had bounced from the impact and all of a sudden I felt my left arm burning. I had also found that I could barely breath, I was only able to take small breaths. Finally, after about 5 minutes of pain, I felt the person get off of me and off the bed. After waiting a while, I got up and dashed out of the room and to my parent's room and told them everything. They finally got the house blessed again and since then I haven't seen anything. 

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