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Campfire Ghost Stories, Volume 2Campfire Ghost Stories, Volume 2
By A. S. Mott
Publisher: Ghost House Books (April 2004)
Pages: 199 – Price: $10.95 review

Ghost House Books continues to deliver exciting reading. Here is another example of their current fine books, and in this case, these two would make nice stocking stuffers any time of the year as a willing pair created to scare, amuse, and entertain the readers of the paranormal.

Campfire Ghost Stories, Volume 2 by A. S. Mott is out and out fun to read. Some of the stories include the memorable tale of “a man, toying with near-death experiences, avoids the final curtain because the Grim Reaper enjoys his company,” “an eccentric man tries in vain to convince his friends and family that a monster lives under his bed,” and other tales. A. S. Mott turns out some well-crafted writing that entertains, and his style is smooth and fast-paced. The stories are excellent for reading aloud. 

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