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Witness: Tasso
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Date of Encounter: Summer, 2000

It was early in the morning about, 7 AM — I had arrived at Nesbitt Elementary School for summer cleaning. I am a janitor, presently 42 years of age, and I never saw any spirits before or since this experience.

The school was build 1912 so it's been around a while. It's a three-story building with a basement, and our office was in the basement. Around 7 AM, I entered the office and was greeted by three other employees. I then went up to the second floor — I think, to check on something, I don't really remember what — the hallways are wide and long, and you cannot see the classroom when standing in the hallway because they are not flush with the walls but indented in from the walls about two feet. Getting back to what I saw — you know when you think you see something out of the corner of your eye, you turn, and there is nothing there? Well, I turned and for about two seconds, moving like a slow passing wind, I could not believe my eyes. (Every time I tell this story I get goosebumps.) Coming out from one indentation where the classroom door is, across the hallway, and disappearing through another wall indentation where another classroom was, I saw a black, cloaked figure. I know what I saw and it was real. My hair stood up, and it still does when I tell the story. I ran down and told the guys.

That's my encounter. When I saw this figure I did not feel threatened by it, it seemed to be going somewhere totally ignoring me — like I was not destined to see it. Like it had somewhere else to be, but why in the school? I guess a school that's so old, many souls have come and gone — I don't know.

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