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Witness: Nicole
Location: Wayzata, Minnesota
Date of Encounter: October 2, 2010

Okay, this just happened like within the last hour. I've lived in this apartment for a week now — I just moved in with my boyfriend. I was sitting on the sofa working on my laptop and the whole time, without really paying that much attention, but noticing it in the back of my mind, my arms were bothering me. It felt like my skin was hurting. I finally realized that it felt like hairs on my arms were being pulled. However, it would never happen when I would just stare at my arm, or else it would happen to my other arm. Then I got up to go to the bathroom and then came back to finish what I was doing on the computer. I began to feel weird, like somebody in the room was mad at me — even though my boyfriend was gone and I was all alone.

After a while, the top of my head felt weird, like it was buzzing, or my hair was vibrating, and it reminded me of the feeling on my arms. At this point I was kind of weirded out but also a little bit thrilled. I'm a little bit into the paranormal and have gone to this site before. But I was very surprised by what happened next. As I was sitting on the couch and wondering what was going on, something poked my foot. I got up and went into another room and was so freaked out about it, but I wasn't that scared. So now I'm still in the other room and I'm kind of excited. It was cool to have an experience like that and I'm going to tell my boyfriend about it when he gets back.

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