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Witness: Vivek Pandey
Location: Bihar, India
Date of Encounter: June 28, 2010

I have heard a few stories and wanted to share mine too. I was in my granny's home that's in my village at the time of harvesting. At approximately 12:30 AM, I went to the fields to have a look at the crops and see if any thieves were about. Something strange happened. Although I had heard a lot of stories about this place, I had never experienced anything in the fields before this night. I was alone and had an appreciably powerful torch. I heard a whisper in my ear saying, "Babu, why have you come here at this time. It's not good for you." (The words were spoken in Hindi, of course.) The voice resembled my grandfather's voice as he was dead, but my mother believed his spirit was still there.

After this I started to take an interest in ghosts, although I was warned by my parents about doing this. I have had many ghostly experiences. One time I fell down from a swing about 6:00 in the evening and saw a mist that looked like a rather tall man dressed like my father. At that time I was with my elder brother. When I was going to call him, he called me from behind — that is I was able to see him in front of me, but he was calling me from my backside. After this I was severely ill, and my family members believed that it was due to my interest in the ghosts and their interest in me.

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