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Witness: Nancy C.
Location: North Easton, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: September 1997 and September 1998

My Mom passed away on Sept 4, 1997 after a long and painful illness. She lived with us in her own apartment for 7 years. She was a woman of great faith and was always after me to "believe" and have faith.

The day after she passed on, I was in her bedroom sorting through paper work, when the light in the room came on. I checked to see if the connection was loose and it was not. Also that same evening a bag full of things that she had already prepared knowing she was dying and expected me to give to her relatives, wiggled and scared me half to death. I checked it and there was nothing inside the bag to make it move. Those two things made a believer out of me. But a year later, on the anniversary of her death to the day, a charitable truck came to the house telling me that a woman with my mom's name had called to donate something to them and they were there to pick it up. I was shocked as she always did donate to this particular charity. They had her old phone number, which had been disconnected for a year and her name. I asked the driver if it was a computer error, and he said no way as they didn't use a computer, and calls were written down as they came in. The driver was freaked out when I told him she had been dead a year to the day. He said there is no way her name and number would have got on the list by accident. I couldn't believe it happened a year to the day of her death. So if I wasn't a believer before, I surely was after that. She sent three signs, and she must have known I didn't doubt her sending them, as I have had no more since that day in 1998.

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