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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. This column is written in response to reader questions concerning following a teacher. I will give you my opinion.

In all walks of life, people encounter teachers. These teachers may be a simple one-time encounter, but they leave an impact on a person that may or may not be far reaching.

Teachers have a purpose. Teachers also have personal agendas either on a conscious level or on an unconscious level.

Some teachers are good, some teachers are bad. Every person has had that experience somewhere along the line.

Now, let’s go over the requirements for teachers you should be wary of and avoid. Teachers with these requirements or actions should be avoided at all costs:

1) A know-it-all teacher who allows no dissent or questioning.
2) A teacher who gives a direction and allows no other direction option. That is, do it or die.
3) No discussion, instead, accept what you are told and memorize it.
4) Be very, very wary of any teacher who for a certain price will guide you to a perfect heaven on earth situation where all your cares are vanquished forever.
5) Any person who promises you the guarantee of instant knowledge through intimate contact of any type is really assuming you are stupid and will accept the intimate contact that person deems most satisfying to himself or herself.
6) Avoid any teacher who only wants you to agree with him or her.

This seems simple enough, but it is not. As society becomes more complex, so does the number of perverts who seek to utilize that complexity and take advantage of people honestly seeking answers. This type of teacher building a following is the true scum of the earth, because he or she only cares what material rewards will be lifted away from the students and placed into their own personal pockets!

As I said, this is just some personal observations I have come across, read about, or seen happen to friends over the decades. At age 62, I have not seen it all! There is always some new scheme coming along to take your money, health, morals, and mental well-being, and I am sure I will hear about it from the readers who write to me! Remember, a true teacher is that, without wanting to rape you or steal from you, but simply to share knowledge with you.

It is hard to avoid the fake teachers in today’s world. It is even harder to find an honest teacher, but with foresight and questioning, a person can find which is the fake teacher and which is the honest teacher.

Good luck.

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