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Witness: Ronnie DeAngelis
Location: Thomas Edison Museum, Ft. Myers, Florida
Date of Encounter: August, 2004

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Ghost picture - Thomas Edison Museum, Ft. Myers, Florida.

I paid a visit to Thomas Edison Museum in Ft. Myers, Florida back in August of this year. The museum consists of Edison's winter estate on the Caloosahatchee river. He had a lab right next to his home. The estate dates back to 1896 and sits on 17 acres. Edison's neighbor was his good friend, Henry Ford (of Ford Motor Corporation fame). Edison was the host of many important visitors of the time including the President of the United States. I visited the estate more on an historical aspect than a paranormal one though my love for both are unsurpassed. The photo I am submitting was taken in the museum. There were no adverse conditions. Subsequent photos of the area showed no other activity. I thought it would be nice to share it with the Ghostvillage community. Thanks, Ronnie.

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