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Witness: Shiv Bimmelman
Location: Flubdun Township, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: September 14, 2004

My wife and I have been hearing disembodied voices in our home over the last two months. We moved in five years ago and nothing happened until my wife's mother was killed in a tragic accident just over six months ago. Since then, my wife has taken to reading John Edward's books and watching reruns of his show. She believes that her mother will come to contact her and tell her she's okay. We've had many discussions about this, as I think he's a snake oil salesman purposely fooling emotional people, while my wife thinks he's the second coming and her only chance to communicate with her dearly departed mother.

After a particular nasty row over this situation back in June, my wife and I clearly heard a voice say "Edward is full of s**t." She knew I didn't say it because it wasn't my voice and she was looking right at me. She accused me of using a tape recorder, as the voice was that clear. Thankfully (or not) depending on how you view such things, over the summer we've had numerous other experiences that have proven me innocent.

When my wife was meditating trying to communicate with her mother, I was reading quietly on the sofa beside her. My wife asked out loud "Mother, are you here?" After she repeated the question a few times we heard a child's voice say "Mother? No. Went out." 

I got scared and yelled "Went out WHERE?"

A man's voice answered and it sounded like "Don't soil yourself."

Pretty much too late for that!

Another time my wife was watching John Edward late at night, and a voice said to her "My name begins with a P," and then laughed.

Beginning to become comfortable with these vocal intrusions, my wife asked aloud "What does P stand for?" But it didn't answer.

The last time we heard the voices was just over a week ago, just after I stumbled onto your Web site. This voice said something very strange and possibly very true.

"Edward is (some) real idiot. Liar."

The word "some" is in brackets because I couldn't quite make it out. It sounded like "some" and it definitely wasn't "a."

Personally, I found it confusing to have the dead trying to convince me that John Edward is full of it. But I guess, they'd know best.

FYI – I had a friend come over with his recording equipment and camera and nothing was ever caught on tape or film the three times he attempted, although one time after he left I said to my wife, "I wonder why they won't bloody say anything when he's here?" 

Immediately after, a female voice sounding like it was coming from above us said quietly "Hate (my) voice on tape."

It figures.

I'll keep you all posted.

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