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The Montauk Project: Experiments in TimeThe Montauk Project: Experiments in Time
By Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon
Publisher: Sky Books (June 1992)
Pages: 156 – Price: $15.95 review

An amazing chronicle of time travel and extraterrestrials, the book investigates the American government’s involvement with invisibility experiments of the “Philadelphia Experiment” of 1943 — many of the readers may recall the scifi film The Philadelphia Experiment. The experiments were carried out aboard the ship, USS Eldridge. The result was the full teleportation of the ship and crew.

A story of plots, secrets, very nicely done government cover-ups, and accidents, this book will entertain you with its strange but true story. If you like the unusual, this one is a gem.

Time warping is covered as is encountering a beast, plus other topics sure to hold the reader’s attention. It is also a scary look at just how far the American government goes to cover up its activities. 

For those who like the unusual, this is a winner with its bizarre twists and turns! Well-written and entertaining, it will hold your attention!

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